Covid-19 : Best Health Insurance in USA

Health Insurance for Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19)

health insurance for covid-19

In View of rising number of patients of corona virus disease (Covid-19) in USA, so many health insurance company has come forward to help USA citizens in the time of need.

Here we are providing some best known insurance provider whose plans are excellent and easy to get the cover related to Covid-19.

Here are list:

  1. Cigna – It Waived  Cost sharing of customer’s bill for COVID-19 treatment & also deploys clinical teams to increase virtual care capacity.
  2. Humana : Humana announced to waive all medical costs that are  related to Coronavirus Treatment
  3. CVS Health : It announced cost sharing for Corona Virus disease patients.


Aetna and Cigna are pledging to waive COVID-19 treatment costs through qualified medical bills that are incurred until June 1, 2020. Humana’s policy does not yet have an end date.

In the scheme of things, says Larry Levitt, executive vice president for health policy at the Kaiser Family Foundation, this move won’t cost insurers much, since patient co-pays and deductibles usually account for only a fraction of expensive hospital stays.

I hope it will help in getting the right insurer in your state.


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